Traditional Briefing of the Press Secretary of the President of Georgia

The Press Secretary of the President of Georgia began the traditional briefing with the important events of the past week.

Manana Manjgaladze assessed the visit of the President of France to Georgia as a historical event.

“Up to 100 thousand people, who gathered at the Liberty Square that day received answers on many important questions regarding the development and the future of our country.

First of all, this is a full and unconditional support of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Georgia from the side of France as well as the European Union. It is also an unconditional support of our people in the process of making free choice and living in an independent and democratic state.

A leader of such level publicly expressed support of the integration of Georgia into NATO and the EU for the first time.

He fully supported the way and the course of reforms, which President Saakashvili and the government of Georgia are implementing.

There are naturally many problems and obstacles to overcome on this road in order to make the living conditions of our people better. The issues related to unemployment as well as other social-economic problems have to be overcome.

But this is the way our people have chosen, this is the way of free choice, this is the way that will provide our country with better conditions of secure development.

The appraisal of the international community and international media that followed this visit also has to be noted. I think that Georgia gained one more strong and loyal friend – “France” – noted Manana Manjgaladze during the briefing.

The Press Secretary of the President also drew attention to the visit of Mikheil Saakashvili to the Czech Republic, where he participated in the international conference - “Forum 2000” founded by Vaclav Havel and addressed the participants.

Challenges of the 21st century, democracy and the rule of law as well as fighting corruption and organized crime were the main topics of discussion at the forum. After the Forum, Mikheil Saakashvili met with the first President of the Czech Republic at the Embassy of Georgia in Prague, where the President of Georgia decorated Vaclav Havel with the Victory Order of Saint George.

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