The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia held her traditional briefing


The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze once again expressed the gratitude on the behalf of the President to those law enforcers, who averted the threat directed against Georgia and Georgian population.


"The terrorist attack was planned in Kutaisi at this time and as the President noted this attack was supposed to take place at a peaceful territory. A pretty long chain was preceded these terrorist attacks that has started with the explosion of Lieutenant Colonel Diomide Kordzadze and continued with the series of terrorist attacks. The investigation shows that all of this is a part of one and the same case and the traces lead us to Abkhazia that is occupied by Russia. We have all bases to make assumptions that the Russian special services and its representatives participate in the planned terrorist attacks. It is the highest obligation of the government to provide maximum security for the country and each citizen and strengthen working in this direction. This process should become more flexible and adequate towards those challenges that face our country", Manana Manjgaladze noted.

The Spokesperson noted that during the last round of Geneva talks Georgian side handed over to Russia materials that were reviled as the result of previous investigations of the terrorist attacks and proposed Russian Federation joint investigation of this case. Despite the fact that this proposal remained without any response, it is still in force. 

Manana Manjgaladze expresses condolences on the behalf of the President to the families of those persons who tragically died in the plane crash that took place in Congo yesterday. 

"The aircraft of company "Airzena", which was serving for the UN mission experienced a crash during the flight. All four members of crew are Georgian citizens. Members of UN mission are among dead. The President of Georgia expresses his condolences and support to the families and relatives of tragically dead persons", the Spokesperson noted.

As Manjgaladze said it is very important what became the reason of plane crash and expresses her hopes that the investigation will reveal the reasons of the tragedy.

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