President’s Spokesperson holds press conference

Spokesperson of the President of Georgia, Gela Charkviani, briefed journalists on the statement of the late Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania's brother who reportedly has doubts regarding the official version of Zhvania's death.

All rational people should trust the conclusions made by Georgian and American professionals, especially if they coincide with each other, the President's spokesperson said while emphasizing that every person had a freedom to doubt.

Mr. Charkviani also commented on the recorded phone conversation of David Kezerashvili, head of financial police who enjoys reputation of a good public servant and his dismissal was not under discussion.

Gela Charkviani also spoke about TV-Imedi's decision to cut the story from air, adding that TV companies were free to decide on that and it would be inappropriate to speak about government's pressure on media. "In Georgia press is absolutely free. The President himself is a guarantor of this freedom, recognizing that democratic systems cannot function without freedom of press," President's Spokesperson stressed.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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