The President of Georgia made a comment in connection with the participation of Georgia in the Olympic Games in Sochi


Mikheil Saakashvili made a comment in connection with the participation of Georgia in the Olympic Games in Sochi, and noted that in case of refuse, the Olympic Committee would not impose the country any sanctions. According to the President, participation in the Olympics – is a good opportunity for the government of Russia to once again humiliate Georgia, and it will not miss this chance.

“We need to know what is the political cost of participation in the Olympic Games in Sochi... By all means, Ossetian and Abkhaz delegations will be there and by all means their flags will be waving. Putin will necessarily use all the circus stunts at which he is so good. For the guests of the Olympic Games the tours of Abkhazia will be necessarily organized... In short, they will mock us in every way. They are good at it, they cannot other way. It’s their style... Based on the inferiority complex of the present government of Russia and confrontation with Georgia and the neighbors, the only method that they can use is humiliation... Here’s a “good chance” for them to humiliate Georgia, and they will certainly use it! Do you think Putin is not going to use it?! Of course, he will! When we make it as a diplomatic breach, for Russia it is another sign that we are ready to accept the so-called new reality. The new reality is fragmented Georgia. The Georgian people will not accept it, and the government of Georgia should follow the will of the people of Georgia. We should not be carried by a dead end way, because it does not open for new horizons. If we were not taking part in these Olympic Games, there would be no sanctions imputed by the Olympic Committee”, - the President said.