Briefing by the Press Speaker of the President of Georgia



The Press Speaker of the President of Georgia held a briefing today, and spoke to representatives of the media about the meeting of the Head of State and the Prime Minister of the country.

“This meeting was an initiative and an idea of the President. Hence, it is completely not understandable and baseless to blame its cancellation on the President. Last night the Prime Minister expressed initiative to hold the meeting today, but it is impossible based on the President’s schedule. This is why it is the President’s offer to hold a meeting on Monday morning instead. The Head of State is publicly confirming that he is ready to meet the Prime Minister where the Prime Minister desires. The President has several important visits abroad, but it is natural that he is always ready to actively and constructively participate in all the ongoing processes within the country. The Head of State is doing everything in order for the negotiation process to lighten up the political crisis. It is an interest of the President of Georgia to begin next week with constructive dialogue and agreement. It must be said that a lot of issues have been accumulated, and it is an obligation of the President and the Prime minister to do everything so that stability and civil peace is kept in the country and Georgia returns to the path of development” – stated Manana Manjgaladze.