Statement by the Press Speaker of the President of Georgia


"Unfortunately, at the direction of the Prime Minister of Georgia, the Parliament of the country is out of the Constitutional space, adopting the internationally unprecedented decision – not to allow the President of the country to address to the Parliament and the country, where the members of the Parliament, of course, would have an opportunity to express their considerations, ask questions.

The essence of this speech was to address the people.
Since it was not possible to do it in the building of the Parliament, the President of Georgia made a decision and, as you know, the President shall address from the National Library.
I would like to say that every person at the audience, who was invited to the today’s meeting, will have an opportunity to ask a question on any issue.
The meeting will also be attended by heads of missions and diplomatic representations accredited in Georgia. 
According to our information, there is going to be a provocation and the main purpose of this provocation is to cancel this meeting.
We want to state, that despite of any of these attempts, the President of Georgia is not going to postpone this event and despite of the resistance Mikheil Saakashvili is going to be at the National Library and He will address the citizens of Georgia and the invited guests exactly from the National Library.
We would like to state that the entire responsibility for the provocation planned today will be on the Government of Georgia and the Prime-Minister personally, who personally is the organizer of this action”-   Manana Manjgaladze stated.