The President of Georgia opened a new ropeway and a ski track



The President of Georgia visited mountainous Adjara today where he personally opened a new ski ropeway and a 1,800 meter long track. Infrastructure project development began even before the elections in this new tourist zone, and the first stage of works for the winter season is already over, but the President expressed concern regarding the fact that construction is stopped because of some unfulfilled obligations. The Austrian investor demands the fulfillment of the obligation regarding paving the road leading to the resort by the government. According to the President and the former Head of the Adjara Government, it is imperative that the Government fulfills this obligation because the country’s reputation is at stake.

Mikheil Saakashvili was the first guest of the ski track along with the ski school students, Levan Varshalomidze, and Khulo Majoritarian Deputy, Anzor Bolqvadze. He used the ski track after riding up in the gondola.

As the President of Georgia noted, development of the resort has essential importance to the resort because it will assist with the growth of tourist potential of Adjara, creating new jobs, and turning the area into one of the most attractive resorts in the country. According to him, it is important that the projects started before the transfer of power continue, and the new government allocates money for them.

“If we lengthen this road enough to reach the Goderdzi Pass we will be able to connect to Akhaltsikhe-Adigeni and Adjara-Javakheti. Tourists will arrive from the entire country as well as from abroad – Armenia, Turkey…the Batumi International Airport will also assist in this. A maximum of an hour and a half will be needed to travel here when the road is finished. 400-500 rooms will be prepared for guests after the construction is completed. Development of this resort is the only chance for the local population to be employed and to think about large scale advancement. There is no poverty in a place which has a mountain ski resort.

We opened the highest class ropeway for children who can already ski. The best prospect for them would be a European, highest class resort at their doorstep. It means income for their families, education for them, and a prospect to advance in life and not to feel isolated from the rest of the world by being in the center of development. We will practically take that prospect away from them if we stop construction.

One can also rest here during summer unlike other ski resorts. The Adjara population comes here to rest during summer. One of the best ski places in Europe could be here. When we are talking about stopped infrastructure projects this is a very painful issue for me. If we do not continue construction here this place will collapse like Anaklia is doing right now. Nothing will be left of this place in a few months” – stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

A joint Georgian-Austsrian investment has been made for constructing the new resort zone; including 12 million GEL allocated from the State and an Austrian company, “Dopel Meyer”, is implementing various infrastructural works costing 10 million euros, which envisions constructing a 4 kilometer ropeway, 2 of which have already been finished.

The main ropeway was installed by “Dopel Meyer.” Up to 200 persons were employed on the construction works of the new resort.  It can host tourists during any time of the year. A 16 room hotel, Goderdzi, is already functional and cottages are being built now. New water and electricity supply systems are already installed. Infrastructural and construction works are still underway.