Statement by the Press Speaker of the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze


“Presidency is an important part of constitutional order of our country. The building where the President’s Administration is working is not in possession of Citizen Mikheil Saakashvili – this is the Administration of the President of Georgia. It must be noted that normal function of various state institutions is part of democracy in every civilized country. It’s the same in Georgia. It is part of our democracy. It is also part of democracy to get used to having institutions of opinions contradictory to each other. We think that this is good and right for our future democratic development. We hope that the new government will act in a way as civilized as that of the President and previous government. It is also absolutely clear that according to our constitution, the President’s term of power expires after the new President is elected. The new elections will be held in October 2013. We would like to remind everyone that this is the same constitution based on which the current parliament and current majority were formed. Back then no questions were asked regarding constitutional terms” – stated the President’s Press Speaker.