A producers’ parade was held in Tbilisi called “Made in Georgia”


Mikheil Saakashvili attended the producers’ parade called “Made in Georgia” held in the name of the independence day of Georgia. The President of Georgia familiarized himself with the Georgian production exhibited at Rustaveli Avenue and congratulated the gathered population on the Independence Day of Georgia. As Mikheil Saakashvili noted, many new projects are being implemented in Tbilisi and its infrastructure is developing intensively. He also touched on the transport projects underway in Tbilisi and stated that the construction of a new ropeway leading to Mtatsminda Park from Republic Square is planned to begin. According to the President, the Tbilisi transport infrastructure will be one of the best by the 2015 modernization plan.

“The city Mayor is beginning the construction of a new ropeway leading to the Park of Mtatsminda with investors. All of the old ropeways will be restored – Turtle Lake, Varketili ropeways and etc. They will become an important part of the transport infrastructure. Additionally, the capital will have a French fast pace tram, which will be spread around all of the main districts of Tbilisi – Rustaveli, Chavchavadze, Beijing, and Kazbegi Avenues as well as Kavtaradze Street and later  extending to Ortachala as well. New subway stations are also being built, including near the trade centers towards Mtskheta, and all parts of Tbilisi will be interconnected” – stated the President of Georgia.

Military production, civilian production, foods and all kinds of products of local production were exhibited at the parade. 250 facilities and businesses exhibited their products at the producers’ parade, including military technology Lazika, Didgori, unmanned drones, helicopters and other military production. Additionally, other types of local production were exhibited at the parade: textile, furniture, construction materials, electronic and computer technology, as well as pharmaceutical production and etc.