The President of Georgia addressed the public gathered at the new Rustavi Racing Circuit


First of all, I congratulate everyone with the opening of the new racing circuit.

Driving a sports car is a huge adrenaline rush and I advise everyone to try it.

It has already become our habit to note that we have returned the initial image to the cities - we have restored the racing circuit…

I first tested this car two years ago. There was no race track here back then and the pavement was in bad condition too.

An entirely new race track has been build here now, for which Shota Apkhazava has made an investment of 20 million USD.

In fact, it is a classical showcase of what the Georgian patriotic feeling means, which is very important.

Although, Shota does not speak Georgian yet, he has not forgotten about his love of Georgia for a single moment of his lifetime.

His love for Georgia is demonstrated by the fact that he was born, raised and made his fortune somewhere else, but despite that he is investing everything in his own country to build something, to improve it, to give employment to people and create new opportunities.

Shota Apkhazava and his father are not very rich and they have no permanent or great source of income, but when a person spends even their last penny on the development of your country, it is a special gift.

The opening of this race track is a great event for Rustavi as well, as it is no secret that Rustavi was a dried out city 10 years ago. Everyone ran to Tbilisi or abroad from here. While those who could not run, had to just wait for the city to be destroyed and the infrastructure eventually ruined.

Of course, the 20 percent of what I wanted to do all these years has been completed in Rustavi. But, nearly every closed factory has resumed its work now; a few others have been opened as well.

This infrastructure was created from nothing three years ago, after the war, while today Rustavi is one of the main centers all across the post soviet space and Eastern Europe in terms of auto service and cars’ re-export. The new racing circuit, built by Shota Abkhazava, is the crown of this center. This person aims to invest several million in addition so to complete the job. 

This does not only mean jobs for a few hundred people, but it is also a final, one small, yet very significant part of the resurrection of Rustavi.

This is a very small, but still a very significant step forward. For those hundred, two hundred, or three hundred people employed here, this means that their families have new source of income.

For them, it is an additional means to give a better education to our children; create opportunities, to have better healthcare and hope for a future.

The construction of the Rustavi Racing Circuit has been completed entirely by private investments and state money was not used for it.

After all, this is a very pleasant thing to have.

All of this is not being created for the government members to come here and drive around.  On the one hand, it should eventually raise money, while on the other it should bring optimism and energy which will finally, together with all other things, lift Georgia to its feet.

That is why I would like to wish Ramaz Nikolasihvili roads similar to this all over and even better than those built by Shota here. Also, to wish the Minister of Youth and Sports to prepare much better drivers than I am, who will compete in the international arena.

I wish a great mood and a hope for tomorrow to everyone on this beautiful day.

I thank you all once again.