The President of Georgia opened a new hospital in the Khoni area


The President of Georgia opened another hospital that is in compliance with modern standards, in the Khoni area. Mikheil Saakashvili toured the clinic and spoke with the personnel. As the President noted, Georgia will have the best healthcare system in the entire Post-Soviet space.  According to him, people won’t have to go to other cities or the capital to get modern hospital treatment anymore. This is important according to Mikheil Saakashvili, because life is becoming more and more comfortable in the regions.

“People traveled from Khoni to Kutaisi and even farther to Tbilisi in order to get proper medical treatment. People gathered their last tetri in order to take care of the sick. The new healthcare system is promoting equality among the regions. Today, living in a region does not mean being a second class citizen anymore because we have a high quality education system as well. We started improving the situation in the regions and then we moved to the cities. High quality healthcare is already affordable for people. It’s a strange phenomenon - when we open new clinics the patients immediately show up in large numbers. The new standards and the new insurance system attract them. The most important thing for now is to retrain doctors. We have one additional problem – shortage of nurses and junior medical personnel. We have to make this profession prestigious and raise the qualifications of personnel. All of this will create a comprehensive, strong system. New buildings and technologies are good, but the most important goal is to properly retrain people. We have to adjust this system to the demand and we will achieve our goal together. We have plenty of talented doctors and it was not their fault that they were not able to keep pace with modern standards of practice. We had an ugly system for years and that is why they are not up to the highest standards. These people will absolutely adjust to the new system” – stated the President of Georgia.

The new Khoni hospital can accommodate 20 patients. It is equipped with ultramodern technology that supports in-hospital stays, ambulatory and pre-hospital treatment. The personnel consist of local residents. The new Khoni hospital was built within the scope of the project for developing the hospital sector in Georgia.