Traditional Briefing of the Press Speaker of the President of Georgia


Manana Manjgaladze started the traditional briefing with reference to the main political event of the week - the visit of Nikolas Sarkozy. The President of France will arrive in Georgia on October 7 and address the audience gathered at Liberty Square along with Mikheil Saakashvili.

"We are confident that this visit will be a turning point on the convergence path of Georgia and the EU. You are aware that Nicolas Sarkozy is a person who stood side by side with Georgia and the Georgian people during a most challenging and difficult period, the war of August 2008. Even now, the main purpose of the visit is to prove a completely different and particular support that our country has from France and the entire European Union.” – stated the President’s Press Speaker.

Manana Manjgaladze also mentioned important events of the past week, while focusing on the Eastern Partnership Summit, which was held in Warsaw.

"I think this is one more step forward towards getting closer to Europe and integration into its structures. During the Warsaw Summit, the statements of the leaders of the European states and EU institutions are indisputable proof of this. We are confident that the special place and the role that Georgia holds in terms of these relationships as well as the reforms implemented in the country, will allow for a more rapid union of the EU and our country, "- noted Manana Manjgaladze.

One more topic that Manana Manjgaladze drew attention to was the midterm elections held in Telavi.

"It should be noted that this election was distinguished by an unusually high voter turnout, which is a really a good sign, indicating that the public wants to participate in the reforms and changes that are being implemented in Georgia. It is important that the elections were held in a competitive environment, in full compliance with standards and free of any problems. We hope that we will have similar elections a year from now, when voters will make their choice in every district of the country”- stated Manana Manjgaladze.