The President of Georgia made a comment on the visit of world famous celebrities in Georgia



The President of Georgia responded to the flow of tourists and the visit of world celebrities in Batumi. As Mikheil Saakashvili noted people get often interested why so much money is spent on such events. As he said larger amount after this concert will be spent on charity purposes.

As Mikheil Saakashvili stated Georgia was not famous for the rest of the world and now biggest celebrities and important delegations visit Georgia so often. The President considers necessary to hold such concerts, because it will cause the increase of the number of tourists in Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili recalled his conversation with the representative of one of the biggest cruise companies throughout the world "Royal Caribbean". As he said first requirement of the guest was to see the suburbs. The businessman noted that the biggest problem in resort cities is that centers are usually well organized but not the suburbs. He found totally different situation in Batumi.

"People used to ask why so much money was spent on such concerts. However I must say that money from yesterday's concert will go back to charity. It was impossible to find our country in past on the map and now the biggest celebrities and extremely important delegations come to visit us. All of it is not done for my pleasure, but for us to have expected number of tourists: first: - five million, in several years - 10 millions. First of all so many houses are being constructed. All apartments here are rented out and it means that all families have source of income. It means that people in Keda, Khulo, Shuakhevi, Guria, Imereti will sell their agricultural products. So to say our economy will start moving. It will not increase our welfare - the more foreign tourists will come the safer our country will be. And more safe our country is it will be more difficult to erase it from the world map. Yesterday I saw a lady on TV that came from North California (North California resembles Batumi, the view around it and what is in Northern side of Sokhumi a lot she said: I have travelled all around the world and never saw a place beautiful as Batumi. I think we should appreciate this, because we have great potential. I was speaking to the representative of the biggest cruise company "Royal Caribbean" that operates in Georgia already. He first requested to visit the suburbs; he said: you have beautiful facades, but please take me to see the suburbs". He was going to meet the Prime Ministers of several countries after Batumi. He said: "Beautiful facades are being constructed there as well, but as soon as you leave the center the views get pretty ugly. Here you still have poverty, but I saw constructions everywhere in Batumi". And it is like this in real - you can see that ground is dug up and it creates discomfort somehow. But it means that water system will be rehabilitated and that marshland will never appear here again. Constructions is going on everywhere, something is getting beautiful everywhere, everything is moving and it happens not in the front line of boulevard, where for example we bring our delegations, but in other places as well. We must continue in the same way and I think we have great perspectives in this direction", the President of Georgia stated.