Traditional briefing of the Spokesperson for the President of Georgia



 The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia summed up the President's two-day official visit to Hungary during her traditional briefing. As she said this was MikheilSaakashvili's first official visit to Republic of Hungary within the frames of which he held the series of meetings with the authorities of Hungary. The President participated in cultural events as well. MikheilSaakashvili also met Hungarian businessmen that expressed quite big interest in regards of Georgia. 

Meetings were held with high-officials of Hungary. The Presidents of two countries first met in a tete-a-tete format and later in extended format. Meetings were held with Hungarian Prime Minister, Speaker of the Legislative Body and deputies.

"It has to be noted that Hungary is our vital partner on the way of Georgia's integration to Euro-Atlantic organizations and EU. Hungary actively supports Georgia's Western and democratic aspirations. This visit was pland long ago and in the nearest future the representatives of Hungarian Government will visit Georgia", MananaManjgaladze noted.

The Spokesperson touched events that took place in Tbilisi last week and noted that the President of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, US Congressmen and several country leaders were invited to "Parliamentary Forum of United Democracies". As she said the visit of the President of Swiss Confederation MichelineCalmy-Rey will visit Georgia in the nearest days. One more group of US Congressmen will visit Georgia as well.

MananaManjgaladze stressed her attention on important processes taking place in educational sphere - on attestation exams. In particular she noted that this is one more new stage and significant part of educational reform.

"45 thousand 12th graders got registered on the exams of Georgian language and literature - these youngsters were taking this issue pretty seriously and with big sense of responsibility what sure represents a positive aspect. Today the second exam is being conducted and not schoolchildren are tested in foreign languages. Examination process is going on with modern technologies and this is an absolutely new model of testation. The results will become clear after 8th exam will be over, but it is a fact that school returns its status step by step and this sphere that represents the priority of state is going through new stage of reform", the Spokesperson noted.

MananaMangjgaladze spoke about events planned on the Independence Day May 26. As she said military parade will be held and the House of Justice will open. As MananaManjgaladze noted this is a total rebranding - new building became a renovated face of this structure.