The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia held her traditional briefing


The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia Manana Manjgaladze first of all stressed her attention on those issues that the President of Georgia spoke about during his annual report to the Parliament of Georgia and during his meetings. Each of these issues concerns price increase on the world market and active operation of Georgian government that is directed to minimize this pressure even to minimum. Manjgaladze spoke about the issue of vouchers and said that the distribution process of these vouchers is in active phase and according to today's data 97 percent of them have been already distributed in Tbilisi and more than 80 percent within the regions. This process most probably will end by the end of this week. The Spokesperson focused on the process of program, during which some uncertainties could have been made. 

"I address each family, which are waiting for such assistance - every family will get their vouchers. The work on these uncertainties is going on simultaneously with the process of distribution and Ministries of Health and Energy are working on it, the lists are being specified as well. The Regional Administrators received corresponding tasks as well. Georgian government started to work on food vouchers program as well. Food vouchers program will activate from March, the distribution of vouchers will start from March 10 within the whole country", Manana Manjgaladze noted.

The Spokesperson noted that showing solidarity to those people who are in bigger need is very important. The President calls on everyone to give their vouchers to those people, who need this type of aid more. One more issue that Manana Manjgaladze discussed was the development of agricultural sphere. As she said the most important, effective and major prevention against price increase on world market is development of this sphere.

"Due to the initiative of the President of Georgia 150 million GEL will be issued to the Ministry of Agriculture for this reason. The Ministry continues to work on separate projects that envisage arrangement of logistical centers and storage facilities. At the same time the work is being carried out in the direction of stimulation of separate cultures. Georgian government will do everything in order to minimize inflation process caused by the price increase on world market", the Spokesperson noted.