The President of Georgia visited new resort zone in Khulo region


The President of Georgia visited a resort zone under construction in Khulo region, where skiing slope and ski lift were opened. New sport base started operating in village Danisparauli, it is located on 1600 meters above sea level. The teenagers will prepare for Georgian tournament here, next year Danisparauli will receive foreign guests as well. 5 km skiing slope is planned to be arranged in this resort as well. By the initiative of the President of Georgia ski factory will open in Adjara region as well. MikheilSaakashvili spoke with children at newly opened base. He said that prices on skiing should be acceptable for everyone and skies must be distributed at schools for free.

"These children will be instructors, hotel owners, ski lift administrators at the resorts that will be built here and together with some other activities, would have a chance to have their own income. In case if they would find some other jobs, at least they would be raised as healthy citizens. Right now, at the major skiing resorts today snow is a problem. Here the snow is so good for skiing and it is only beginning - the major slopes are higher. Planning of projects is not the main idea; we must give a word that the best skiing resort will open here on December 1. 5 km skiing slope should be constructed here, it is longer than Gudauri first and second slopes together, longer then any slope in Bakuriani. It is about three or four slopes. Several huts must stand here, buildings made out of wood and stone. We have received money from Millennium, it means that a good road will be built from Khulo to Adigheni, on Goderdzi pass. It means that if there is no snow in Bakuriani, the foreign tourists will drive here and it will take them hour and a half. This will be possible starting from this year.

Right now skiing is an elite sport, about 20-30 thousand wealthy and middle class families living in the center of Tbilisi could ski. Georgia has the same relief as Austria and Switzerland has. Everyone ski there. In our country this sport is affordable for only 20-30 thousand families living in one and the same district and others have no connections to skiing. In reality, all of this brings wealth where it is developed. This is why we should distribute skies for free at schools. Also in Mestia, Akhalkalaki, Zugdidi - in order to give a chance to people to go to Mestia, when the new road is built. So to say we must turn skiing into a massive sport, which will be affordable for everyone and will help our people to get rid out of poverty. We must bring children here from Batumi schools and implement this, as we do it in Zugdidi. Lets give skies for free to every school and I am sure that we will soon start making skies by ourselves- it is not such a complicated technology. I have brought my skies in Switzerland, in one village - they are handmade. We have so many wood handymen... People used to ski with handmade wooden skies. We must simply give them material. Lets give a word and develop experimental skiing industry, besides this resort. You will see that Adjarians will make pretty good skies. We will bring you special materials and machines. Lets make enterprise for skies and I will be the first, who will have those skies. This is a source of employment for Adjarians and for our people in general. Not everyone can go to Batumi from regions. The road is being constructed and there will be no dead end any more, but we still have a lot to do. Prices increase on everything. For example, in general it is very bad that price on potatoes got higher, but for those who sell potatoes - it is good. But if something new doesn't appear, if a small new enterprise won't open - people's lives would become extremely difficult. Of course tourism should develop - it will be a pass from poverty to wealthy life", the President of Georgia MikheilSaakashvili stated.