Mikheil Saakashvili got interested in the development of regional infrastructure and tourism


The President of Georgia met the representatives of tourism sphere and the Ministry of Economy and the Governor in Batumi today. Mikheil Saakashvili got interested in the development of regional infrastructure and tourism. The President of Georgia listened to the initiatives on airport construction within the frames of tourism development. According to the project Georgia will have to sign an agreement with the EU on common airspace and on strengthening aviation security norms.

"Due to our evaluations we are expecting about 2 million people, who will enter the country through the airport. I think that in 2013 we will reach the number of the tourists equal to the number of the Georgian population. In the end, besides the occupied territories the potential of Georgia in the nearest five years, if we work hard will reach the number of ten million tourists. One of the major issues is the development of the air ways. The Minister of Economy was in Ireland and met the executives of the Ryanair. The plains of this company do not fly in the Post Soviet space", the President of Georgia stated.

In Batumi, at the meeting chaired by the President of Georgia the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Vera Kobalia said that Georgian aviation can appear in the black list because of its liberal security.  

"Ryanair is greatly interested in Georgian entry. They wish Georgia to become the center of flying beyond EU. Technically we have already started preparations for fulfilling their conditions. Both in Kutaisi and Mestia airports we have difficulties regarding the common air space. Unfortunately EU might place us in the black list, because of the liberal registration of aviation", Vera Kobalia stated. 

At the meeting Mikheil Saakashvili came out with the initiative about the corresponding draft to be discussed at the Parliament and to make the aviation security stricter. He added that a new airport should be built in Mestia by the end of the year and as he pointed out he will be among the passengers of the first airplane to Mestia. He said that new airports should be built in Poti, Tusheti and Ambrolauri regions.

We aim at total liberalization. In the view of simplifying business-making and registering enterprises, but technical liberalization is unacceptable. We have to initiate every law that will make the aviation security stricter. God saves us from the black list. This is the result incompetence and your former leadership. Air Transportation Department turned into giving jobs to people and there worked someone's relatives. I am glad that Davitadze is appointed now as the specialist of this field. I am flying with your office. I want to note that dispatchers are exceptional professionals. I welcome the promotion of such cadres at the Ministry of Economy. We don't have to create bicycle. We have to rewrite already existing norms in leading countries. We must have very strict security standards. The task is as follows: before the end of this year to open airport in Mestia before skiing season will start. By an by money and wealth must enter Mestia. I will lend the first plane in Mestia with great pleasure. We can make international planes and they would fly from region countries", the President of Georgia stated. 

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili stated that culinary institute would open in Georgia. He added that this idea belongs to Vera Kobalia. He said that culinary is strategic sphere in tourism development and this new initiative will support Georgian culinary to be exported to foreign countries.

"We gave the kitchen of President's Palace to IDP children. She has culinary art in her blood and it will be good if children will study culinary. This is strategic sphere for tourism. Culinary school will give us chance to export Georgian culinary abroad", Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

"Raynair is greatly interested in Georgian entry. They want Georgia to become center of flying outside of EU. Techincaly we have started preparation to satisfy their conditions, in Kutaisi and in Mestia airports.

We have difficulties in common air space. Unfortunately EU might place us in black list for the liberal registration of aviation", Mikheil Saakashvili stated.