The President of Georgia visited the Patriot's Camp together with the Acting President of Moldova


The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili visited the Patriot's Camp together with the Acting President of Moldova Mikhai Gimpu. The leaders of the two countries visited Georgian, Byelorussian and Moldavian children, from the families who suffered during the natural disaster. Mikheil Saakashvili and Mikhai Gimpu addressed the children and listened to their impressions about Georgia. During the discussion Mikheil Saakashvili noted that it is necessary to deepen old ties and strengthen the friendship between countries. The President said that the world is getting wider and people create many new friends, but it is important to keep old ties. Mikheil Saakashvili recalled his holidays in "Artek Camp" and said that Patriot's Camps is quite different from Pioneer's Camps and he laughs when he compares them to one another. Mikheil Saakashvili also noted that near Anaklia Camp there is a wire wall raised, where the tanks are parked. The President believes that wires must not divide people from one another and walls must not divide the beaches.

"Once, I was flying somewhere and one journalist had a small picture from Lego. I wanted to have a camp like that in Georgia then. So, even the Presidents are small children, who cannot only give promises, but at the same time they know how to build and how to do something. I want to greet you all, I want to greet our guests from Byelorussia and Moldova. We hosted children from Armenia and some other countries here. I want to greet the President of Byelorussia, our big friend and neighbor. We love Byelorussians, Moldavians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Azerbaijani, Russians and in general every nation that lived in the former Soviet Union very much. No matter what the political situation is, we must make new friends and acquaintances, but we mustn't forget our old friends, because we have a lot in common. You are the guests of all Georgia. In about two kilometers from here a wall is raised; behind that wall there are tanks and rockets placed. There are no people on hundreds of kilometers territory, people who must live there have no right to go there. I don't want to make you sad now. Moldova is a country that is much alike us. We have the same problem, we have the same economic situation. There was almost nothing five years ago in Georgia. We have constructed these camps only several years ago. I want to say that it is possible to do everything - most important is that we must believe in it. I am sure that Moldova is at this stage now. This is a very good nation, very friendly, talented and warm. Byelorussian people are the same. Today we are independent countries. It is true that our territory is not fully independent, but we hope that we soon will be", the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili noted.   

Mikhai Gimpu expressed his gratitude to the Georgian people and the President of Georgia for hosting Moldavian children, who suffered because of the natural disaster. "Here always lived people, for whom friendship is sacred. You are the future leaders of your counties and you must know what friendship means. The world is big enough for everyone. God has given us the main thing - freedom. Unfortunately there are countries that have a lot of land, but they still want to cut the lands of the other countries. You must not do the same, you must know that the biggest happiness lies in freedom", Mikhai Gimpu noted.