Mikheil Saakashvili presented a plan of Batumi Boulevard extension


Mikheil Saakashvili presented a plan of Batumi Boulevard extension. To the existing six-kilometer new boulevard a 3300 meters long boulevard has been added. Next year the construction of the longest boulevard in Europe will be completed. This 20 kilometer-long boulevard will go all the way to Kvariati. There will be parks, golf course and entertainment centers will be placed.

"This will be the longest boulevard in Europe, not of Nice type, but wider, the most beautiful and the longest boulevard in Europe. In the best resorts of the world the way from the airport goes on the seashore. By means of  the bypass way transit transport will not cross Batumi any more. Those people, who take a rest in Kvariati, Gonio and other places will pass Batumi only. We must build new Batumi on Gonio range. So many people come to Adjara because there is much public space here. People do not have money yet to sit in expensive cafes, but they have enough money to take their children on a stroll at the dancing fountains and the boulevard. That's why the whole Georgia moved to Adjara. This year Adjara hosted more than 350 thousand Georgian tourists. In Abashidze period the top number was 150 thousand. There were no foreigners coming to Adjara in that period. Today there are 350 thousand foreigners in total. When this city is built, we mustn't hurry and must plan everything in such a way that we will have many parks and much public space in order to have good living conditions. What has already been done in Batumi is one tenth of what should be done in future. Batumi will be much better than Nice. I have been there and I know pretty well what is Nice. No place is planned like this place, no place will have so much public space like this. No place is invested by the government as it is done here and there is no other private sector expressing so much enthusiasm", the President of Georgia stated.

Together with the longest boulevard in Europe there will be the longest pedestrian bridge constructed on the river Chorokhi. The project of the modern bridge is ready.