The President of Georgia visited Mukhatgverdi Brotherhood Cemetery together with the Catholichos Patriarch of Georgia


The President of Georgia visited Mukhatgverdi Brotherhood Semetari together with the Catholichos Patriarch of Georgia and the Minister of Defense. Mikheil Saakashvili laid a wreath on the Cemetery of the Heroes died during the Russia-Georgian war in 2008. Mikheil Saakashvili expressed his gratitude to the families of the warriors for their strength and staying power. Mikheil Saakashvili visited the newly opened church on Mukhatgverdi Brotherhood Cemetery with the Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II.

"Dear Soldiers, Sergeants, Officers. First of all I would like to address the families of our soldiers, who tragically died during the war. Our fellows are heroes, they have sacrificed themselves in order to stop barbarians who came to the gates of Georgia. This is not accidental - last two years proved this. You can see how their families kept their dignity. They have kept their sorrow with such pride. This is the biggest monument for our fellows. You saw how they stood through pushing, provocations - how firmly they stood and how they kept their sorrow, their tragedy. This is the biggest monument for our fellows. You haven't complained, you have never said something. This is why these mothers gave birth to heroes and this is not accidental for sure. Once again I want to thank you of expressing the dignity of Georgian mother in such a brilliant way. We are very proud of our soldiers, with our heroes. The attack two years ago was at the same time unexpected and expected. Our enemy was preparing to attack us during three years and they aren't hiding this fact. In 2008 the provocations happened every single day. I remember how long we were doubting whether bring our brigade back from Iraq or not, because Russian army was growing in the occupied regions. We haven't called the brigade back, because we thought that would be understood as a provocation. I am very proud of the researches made by many International Organizations working on Human Rights. You also know that many of your family members were on holidays, but this is the fortune of our multiethnic children. We have experienced attacks many times in our history and our instinct is rapid mobilization and preparations to stop the enemy. When our soldiers entered the villages they were telling the population - do not be afraid, we were given task to take care of you, we love you, you will not get hurt.

One official told me that he gave a task to the service operating under him, what does the population living in Tskhinvali think about today. He said that the population is not blaming Georgia. This was a big surprise, because this meant a lot for our future. Most of them are ethnic Ossetians and most of them left Tkkhinvali region and moved to this side. They saw how our soldiers sacrificed themselves in order to save their lives. Despite the fact that two regions in Georgia are occupied the enemy was not able to fulfill their geopolitical missions. Our guys showed that they can fight. The enemy was not able to fulfill their aims - to wipe out Georgian government and change the political course of Georgia. Wasn't able to isolate Georgia and found themselves in the environment of international isolation. The enemy wasn't able to frighten all the nations in post-soviet space and wasn't able to restore soviet influence. The enemy not only wasn't able to kneel down Georgia - but Georgia became the symbol of success for all the other post-soviet countries. Georgia is getting out from Russian imperialistic influence and this is irreversible process. More and more people raise their voices for freedom. The enemy wasn't able to destroy our economy - on the contrary - our country is developing and flourishing.   

When Georgia was developing, it was always building cathedrals and churches. Our statehood and faith is indivisible. Here is our Patriarch, he is our symbol of our invincibility. This church is dedicated to our heroes. 

After each crash we are obliged to get up and continue our way, because the way of our success is dedicated to our heroes. Our lives are dedicated to our country and to those heroes, who sacrificed themselves for our country. Our lives are dedicated to Georgia's final victory. Their names will always remain in our hearts and soles. Lets all together wish our Army, our National and Spiritual leadership the final victory. God Bless us and the whole Georgia", the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili stated.