An official visit of the president of Georgia started in France


An official visit of the president of Georgia started in France today. The President of Georgia held his first meeting with the group of advisors of Elysees Palace. The main issues discussed at today's high-level meetings were economic and political partnership, fulfilled and unfulfilled obligations of the six-point peace plan signed on August 12. The issues of military cooperation, Afghan mission and Mistral were also discussed. The meeting with business circles is planned as well. The President of Georgia MikheilSaakashvili will meet his French counterpart on June 8. It is very important that two days prior of Russian Prime Minister's visit to France MikheilSaakashvili and Nicola Sarkozy will discuss the details of August 12 agreement. MikheilSaakashvili met the State Minister of France tête-à-tête and discussed the issues of deepening economic and political partnership between Georgia and France. After this meeting an official memorandum on economic partnership between Georgia and France was signed. The above-mentioned document is very important for the development of energy sector, economy and tourism in Georgia. The memorandum envisages investment support as well.

Before starting official meetings the President of Georgia attended the final match of Roland Garros tennis tournament, where the French government invited him. The Prime Minister of France and Queen of Spain were watching the game together with the President of Georgia.

After the game the Presdient of Georgia visited exhibition of "Magnum" photographers and attended the closing ceremony of it. "Magnum" photographers made the exhibited pictures in Georgia.

The meetings of MikheilSaakashvili at French leading Universities are planned during this visit as well. The French side had to change the location of the speech of the President of Georgia twice, because the number of the attendees.