Due to the natural disaster caused by prolonged heavy rains, the President Saakashvili meets with the Prime-Minister Noghaideli and the Head of the Administration Gigi Ugulava


President Mikheil Saakashvili met with the Prime-Minister, Zurab Noghaideli and the Head of the Administration, Gigi Ugulava, who reported to the President about the carried out arrangements in relation to the natural disaster taking place. The President made a statement regarding the disaster and gave special instructions to the Prime-Minister and the Head of the Administration. Specifically, the President ordered for those who became homeless to be placed into special camps and to provide them with portable kitchens.

"The people should remain calm, for the government is not going to abandon them and will offer all the help needed," the President said and emphasized that those left without homes shall be financially compensated.

In terms of estimating the total cost of damage caused by the disaster, the President believes that the estimation should happen only after the natural disaster is over, since heavy floods are still expected in the East of Georgia, Kvemo Kartli, Borjomi gauge and in some other regions.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia