Lithuanian students claim support to Georgian wines


The Lithuanian students by carrying placards in the Russian, Lithuanian and Georgian languages were advising the Russian President to get rid of Georgian wines. "I am proud that the dignity of the Georgian wine is being protected far from Georgia, in the Baltic states," President Saakashvili said during his visit to Lithuania and thanked the Lithuanian students for holding a rally in support of Georgian wines. 
President Saakashvili stated that Russia, by banning an import of Georgian wines, has greatly promoted them. He also said that this year might be slightly hard for the Georgian winemakers; however, in the next years the Georgian wines will gain full access to the European and American markets. 

"We must not destroy a single vineyard; on the contrary, new ones must be built! The Georgian government will carry on supporting the winemakers and will give them not only the credits but also the money to promote Georgian wines. Additionally, funds will be earmarked to allow the grapes processing plants to purchase grapes from the population," President Saakashvili said.


Communications Office
of the President of Georgia