President Saakashvili opens park at Zugdidi's Dadiani Palace


Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili visited Zugdidi on 26 May to attend the opening of the park at the palace of the Dadiani family. The park was designed by Dutch architects.

Saakashvili delivered an address at the ceremony.

"I want to congratulate you on Georgia's Independence Day from my favourite city - Zugdidi! Today we have opened the park which we promised to create. We intend to restore this palace, the only remaining European-style palace in Georgia, in such a way that the people of Zugdidi and all Georgians will be proud of it," he said.

The Georgian president said there were plans to open similar cultural facilities throughout the country. Schools will be restored to meet standards for developing counties, he said, adding that this year Zugdidi would have a sports palace and a swimming pool.

"Zugdidi should be an exemplary city. Samegrelo is a very important province. Just a few kilometres separate us from that most holy of lands which is an inseparable part of our country [Abkhazia].

"I have not come here to make promises, but to see the result of a promise fulfilled. This is only the beginning. The main thing, of course, is jobs and putting people to work. It is important that we do more, work the land and attract investments. Together with our partners we are working on this every day. I am happy that everything is moving forward at the pace it is meant to," the Georgian president said.

Press Office
of the President of Georgia