Mikheil Saakashvili participates in CIS informal summit


An informal CIS summit opened in Moscow, in which the leaders of all the CIS countries participated. Vladimer Putin introduced his "heir" Dimitri Medvedev to the CIS leaders. The President of Russia considers that the Russian foreign policy regarding the CIS countries will not change if Dimitri Medvedev, the first Vice-Premier wins in presidential elections. The issues of migration, transportation and economic cooperation were discussed at the CIS summit. The President of Russia expressed his gratitude to the leaders of CIS countries for the mutual work.

At the end of the visit the President of Georgia visited cardiologic clinic in Moscow, which is supervised by a Georgian cardiologist Levan Bokeria. Mikheil Saakashvili expressed his gratitude to the Georgian medics for their activities and he as well expressed his hope that the Georgian medics working in this clinic will inevitably return to Georgia and continue their work there.


Press Office
of the President of Georgia