The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili congratulated Georgian population on the St George’s day


The Orthodox Church celebrates St George's day today. His Holiness and Beatitude, the Catholicos Patriarch of all Georgia Ilian II held the church service this morning at the Cathedral of the Holly Trinity. The President of Georgia attended the service together with his family. After the Patriarch preaching, the President of Georgia congratulated the populations of Georgia:

"I want to express my great happiness on our Patriarch's recovery. I want to congratulate the Patriarch and all of you on this occasion. I wish him good health and long life, to perform national deeds for a very long time.

I want to add few words to what has already been said here. Georgia is in the process of fighting, Georgia was hit, but it did not kneel down - we will never be knelt down. The huge force confronted us. After such attack not only a small country like us, but much bigger countries, equipped better and prevailing in number, armed and trained physically used to disappear. This is Georgia's destiny - we were always attacked by great Empires. The names of some of them are merely forgotten even by historians. But Georgia existed and will exist eternally. And the people who do not wish Georgia to exist, will be defeated by all means. We have to hold each others hands and fight to the end. Our fight is fare.

"I want to greet every Georgian, who has been successful in various fields - whether it is state service or business. I consider that every Georgian who creates jobs for other people is already successful for the benefit of its own people. Yesterday our children's ensemble gained a victory in Eurovision Song contest. You know that Georgians are not specially supported. In order to gain a victory Georgians should be much stronger, than the representatives of other big nations. I want to greet these children and wish them success", - stated the President of Georgia.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia