The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili made a comment on the present activation of Russian Armed Forces in Georgia


The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili visited N5 prevention center where he got familiarized with the ongoing cheap insurance program. Mikheil Saakashvili met with the doctors and those patients, who were at the hospital at that moment. The President of Georgia got interested on how many people use cheap credit program and what is the salary of hospital doctors.

The President of Georgia made a comment on the strengthening of Russian forces and equipment on Georgian territory. Mikheil Saakshvili added that this fact was the continuation of Russian aggression against Georgia.

"It is true that now the concentration of the Russian forces within and outside Georgia exceeds the scales, which were during last August. But I still think that in fact now there is no situation for Russia to renew any large-scale military adventure. Because, firstly, all this was aimed at possible internal unrests and as the recent developments have clearly shown that no matter how much money they will spent and what they will do, Georgia is a stable country and it is impossible to trigger serious unrests here. And on the other hand, we have much more international support today than we had last August.

Our Foreign Minister and the U.S. Secretary of State are meeting each other for already second time in a month. The United States has such relations with only very few countries. In January we signed a charter on strategic partnership and in the near future a top level Georgian-U.S. governmental commission will be set up to implement this strategic partnership. On May 6 we will sign Eastern Partnership agreement in Europe. It means that for the first time, we will establish close relations with the European Union about which we could not even dream a year ago. For the first time, Obama gave its names to everything - instead of saying ‘excessive use of force', ‘incorrect response,' ‘disproportionate use of force' - he said it directly, that it is ‘invasion' into another country and everybody started to say ‘invasion,' ‘aggression,' ‘annexation'. So, the truth has found its way.

Russians keep saying: we want good relations with Georgia, but only in case if the government there is replaced," he continued. "But when they say Georgia, they mean not Georgia, as the rest of the world means it - from Psou and the Roki Tunnel but the Russians mean only Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti; just this is Georgia for Russia today. So in order to prepare ground for a real dialogue with Russia, our task is to strengthen our international positions; to integrate into Euro-Atlantic structures and we have a unique chance for that now; to strengthen our economy in order to convince Russia that it is impossible to trigger unrests in Georgia whether from within or from outside and all these will be much firmer ground for holding correct dialogue in order to overcome misfortune which exists in our bilateral relations and which is reflected in occupation of our territory.

I believe, that now our major threat is not further occupation of Georgia's other territories - which some people might be dreaming about - but the issue of complete de-occupation of Georgia should be put on the agenda and we all are preparing necessary conditions for that", - stated the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

Press Office
of the President of Georgia