President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili went around an exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s paintings in Sighnaghi Museum


President of Georgia visited Sighnaghi together with his spouse today.

The Ambassador of France Erik Furnie and his spouse accompanied Mikheil Saakashvili as well. They saw an exhibition of Pablo Picasso's paintings together with President.

As President noted new exhibition centers will soon be open in several Georgian cities. "In my childhood I went to Moscow to see the paintings of Picasso but that exhibition was not as rich as this. I had to stand in a line for an hour to enter the hall. We will arrange more exhibitions in Tbilisi together with Nick Rurua we are restoring the Blue Gallery in order to have great exhibition halls. We built this very museum in four months", stated President.

After leaving the museum the French Ambassador made a comment as well. As he said the fact that eleven thousand people visited this exhibition indicates the high cultural level of the Georgian people.

Press Office
of the President of Georgia