Statement by President Saakashvili at the Security Council meeting


For the last few days Russia made the steps which might be estimated as somewhat strange and inadequate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called me himself and offered me to send Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli to Moscow.

We agreed on this meeting, however, this meeting was cancelled for some reason.

Russian authorities threatened us to abolish visa regime with Georgia several times.

I would like to remind everyone, that we unilaterally simplified visa regime with Russia, however, in return to this move Russia dramatically toughened visa regime and restricted movement of people in an uncivilized way.

Today, Russian military aircraft and helicopters violated Georgian airspace for several times.

You might remember that, when such violations were occurring one and a half years ago in Georgia the Russian defence minister was defiantly demanding from Giorgi Baramidze to provide the documents to prove that the airspace had been violated.

At that time Georgia did not have any equipment to prove it, because the equipments were too expensive and Georgia could not afford it.

Now due to our great effort Georgia has modern airspace control equipment.

I have at hand trustworthy documents from our airspace point which we received as soon as the Georgian airspace had been violated.

Today, we can say for sure which aircraft took off from which airport. We can provide all the parameters that can be identified today: the board number, type and route of the aircraft.

However, it does not mean that we are going to act unilaterally in relation with any country.

I consider that its aim is to get on our nerves and frighten us.

Today's Georgia is not like the Georgia two or three years ago. We are not afraid of anything.

We should continue our course.

Today, the EU adopted a vociferous resolution in support of Georgia's peace initiative and its policy.

The US government and the Senate have adopted similar resolution many a times. We have gained support at every level.

We are ready to solve every issue with Russia through partnership and negotiations, based on our good-neighborly relations and the principle of Georgia's unity and sovereignty.

We will do the utmost to avoid every excess and complication of the situation.

They will not be able to impose this scenario on us.

We have taken a clear-cut course and we will fulfill everything we have planned.

"The dog barks but the caravan passes" - our caravan has gone far and we will realize all our aims.

Russia is a big country and similar moves are very unserious for implementing big policy. I would like those people who are occupies with playing a "cheap" game knew it very well.

We are ready to establish relations with this country which will be based on equal rights, dignity, and mutual respect.

Our key aim is to develop and continue doing everything what we have been doing. Time is on our side.

We should take calm position and ignore any kind of rhetoric, threat and provocation.

We should take care of our business and others will not be able to do us any harm.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia