The book by the First Lady, "The Story of an Idealist"

In May 2010 the English version of "A Story of An Idealist" by Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs was published by Cezanne Printing House in Tbilisi. Copies will be available SOON on!

In March 2005 the First Lady of Georgia published her autobiography "Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs - the Story of an Idealist" in Amsterdam, in the Dutch language. A translation in Georgian and in Ukrainian followed in October 2005 and March 2006 respectively. The Russian translation of the book was released in December 2007, the Turkish in February 2008 and the Polish in January 2011. The book describes her first trip to Georgia in summer 1992, her meeting with Mikheil Saakashvili, their life in the United States, her integration in Georgian society, the couple's career development and the gradually growing unrest in Georgia leading to the peaceful Rose Revolution of fall 2003.