The President of Georgia congratulated Orthodox and Catholic Congregations with Easter

The President of Georgia celebrated Easter together with his wife and older son at Sameba Cathedral. Mikheil Saakashvili attended the liturgy together with his family members and congratulated the whole country with the Easter.

"Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! This is the brightest Christian holiday and a very important part of our identity. It is also part of our identity what our being here represents, in particular it means that evil is always defeated in the struggle with kindness. Finally, no matter how strong is the evil, injustice will always step back in front of kindness. This is exactly the meaning of this great Christian holiday and I want to congratulate each and every citizen of Georgia! I wish everyone happiness, success, the day of better future in each family", Mikheil Saakashvili noted.

Mikheil Saakashvili attended the liturgy at Catholic Cathedral as well. The Archbishop of Catholic Church Juzepe Zapotto thanked the President for his visit and noted that it is a great respect of Catholics living in Georgia. As he stated the President f Georgia once again confirmed that Catholics living in Georgia represent the indivisible part of Georgian society.

"When you are with us, we think that together w can build our country and our future welfare", Juzepe Zapoto noted. The President  of Georgia addressed Chatholic Christians and congratulated them with this great holiday.

"Today we - the Mayor of Tbilisi, the Head of Tbilisi Town Hall, came here to once again express our respect towards you - towards Catholic congregation living in Georgia and towards whole Catholic world. This year Orthodox Easter coincided with Catholic Easter. This is a holiday that represents the victory of kindness over evil. This verse "Good hath overcome ill; the essence of is lasting" from Shota Rustaveli's poem "The Knight in the Panther's Skin" is decorated on the facade of President's Palace.

I think that our faith and the ides of this great holiday is that no matter how strong the evil is, no matter how horrifying it looks physically   - kindness will gain the victory finally. I said it several times here and I want to repeat it once again - Georgia equally belongs to the representatives of every ethnic group, to the representatives of every religion. David the Builder laid the foundation to this tradition, he used to go to the Cathedrals belonging to any confessions, he used to pray everywhere and paid his respect to all of that faith that the population of that era had.    

The shares of Catholic community in Georgian history is immeasurable - starting from Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani, Zakaria Paliashvili, Vano Sarajishvili, Mikheil Tamarashvili - I do not know how I can name them all). We have Catholics on ever level, among them in Government of Georgia and it indicates that we are the members of big European family. Today, the major part of Georgians celebrates this great day and the most beautiful holiday that expresses the symbol of victory of kindness over the evil. I want this day to bring you and your families the happiness. We wish you success. Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!       

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