The President of Georgia advises Bagapsh to immediately release detained Georgian journalist

The President of Georgia made a comment on the journalist of media channel "Mze", Malkhaz Basilaia's illegal detention near the Enguri bridge and required his immediate release from Sokhumi prison from the Abkhazian de-facto government.

"According to our reliable information, in the so called Sokhumi "investigation prison" the "Mze" journalist is not only being inquired but is being tortured as well.

I wand to tell Sergei Bagapsh, in very well known for him Georgian, to listen to me attentively: either Bagapshi gives immediate order to his illegal militia to stop torturing and release the kidnapped journalist, or me, the President of Georgia will give my absolutely legal order to the police to let Basilaia free in Sokhumi.

Now it's time for Bagapsh to make a choice, not for us. I demand to execute this immediately, without any type of hesitation or delay" - the President of Georgia stated.

Press Office
of the President of Georgia

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