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President Saakashvili meets regional television journalists

We are proud that there are many independent, free and professional television channels in Georgia. Journalist from the televisions of Ajara, Trialeti, Odishi, Poti, Borjomi, Guria, Kutaisi, Mtskheta-Tianeti, Kvemo Kartli and Telavi are attending our meeting today.

For me as a president, fellow citizen and as a person it is very important to address the people of different regions of Georgia. I know in what misery people live in the regions, villages and towns.

At this point the biggest problem in Georgia is unemployment. Thus, employing people is our main objective. Energy crisis is also a big issue. Now we have prepared an 18 months program according to which the electricity supply will become much better. Energy problem should no longer exist in Georgia. We work every day to make it happen.

What can the government do?

The government can free the enterprises from old arrears and we have already done it. The government can help small businesses to develop, and I am ready to attend the openings of every new small business enterprise. The government should support it even if only 10 people can be employed there. The government can build roads, as people make products and need to have good roads to take them to the market.

There would not be a single district where this problem will not be solved. Our current concern is spring field works. I have made a decision and ordered the Prime Minister during 10 days to import diesel fuel with ships, trains and other means of transportation and distribute 20 liters to every family free. It has never been an occasion in Georgia.

We could not afford it before, but now we can do it with the money that has become available after the privatization process.

20 liters is not much but it is enough to cultivate even one hectare of land, when the fuel is so expansive. I warn every gamgebeli - if even one liter is lost and distributed unfairly, they will be strictly punished for that.

Of course this distribution process will not take place all at once. Fuel will be distributed first to Kartli and Kakheti and then to Samegrelo, Samtskhe Javakheti, Svaneti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Imereti.

I know in what misery people have to live in Georgia. I know that doubled pensions, paid back arrears and even the police in the streets, which does not take money from people, is not enough to significantly change the life.

The government managed to do practically impossible things in a year. Nobody believed that it was possible. I know that people have fair complaints, but we have time to overcome this situation all together.

I plan to solve energy crisis in Georgia during my presidency. There will not be a single family in Georgia without electricity. I think that this year and the first half of the next year will be a decisive. I wish to solve the issue of roads, i.e. infrastructure once and for all.

The salary of people employed in the public sector should be higher that the wage minimum. 80 per cent of this people already have such salary and I wish the rest 20 per cent, teachers, had the similar salaries.

If we trust each other and recognize that the government works well, does not steel and be little patient then we will manage to get on our feet. But if we say that there is no way out, expect more (of course we always expect more) and this government does nothing, then I think we have no chance. But I count on your common sense and intelligence, which always helped us as a nation and as a country.

I can say that despite many hardships I am still optimistic.

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