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The President of Georgia met the Parliamentary Majority

The election campaign is entering the final stage. We, as the best-organized and leading political force in Georgia have double responsibility. 

The first - to maintain the existing course of reforms - despite all difficulties, despite the fact that a new wave of economic crisis is raging in the world - and to bring the launched work to the end.

The second - to hold exemplary elections, not to give anyone a reason to put a justified blame on us, elections have a great internal and external political importance in terms of our security.

Together with International Organizations we are working a lot on these issues and I think that many steps were made forward by the election commission recently. There is unimaginable accessibility to media outlets. I do not know any election campaign in many places of the world where all parties can speak on all TV channels for so many hours, where all parties can put their ads on all TV channels, despite the fact that it can be commercially unprofitable for these channels, and of course, it has not remained unnoticed, including for foreign observers.

I want to call on various political forces for more responsibility. I do not mean those people, who are openly linked with Georgia's enemy, with the occupant of the Georgian territory. Calling them for responsibility is not our function and it is meaningless; I think the society will rule its verdict against them.

I am spaking about those political forces, who have ambitions that they are participants of Georgia's internal political processes, who act in favor of the country's interests and observe the rules of the game.

We also were in the opposition and you remember that our promises were minimal, because we were promising only what we thought would be easy to fulfill.

We promised that those people who would have less than 5 hectares of land would be released from taxes. We also promised to double their pensions, to pay off their debts and give free manuals to the first graders.

And you know that more has been done than we promised, but our slogan says - "a lot remains to be done".

When politicians are in panic because of their decreasing ratings and when they promise everything - probably they will soon even promise a trip to the Mars and the Moon - it goes beyond limits. They promise free healthcare, free medicines, free food, free travel, free life - the highest level of communism.

Of course, people live in hardship, but no one should think that it is easy to fool people if they live in hardship. We have many poor people but we really do not have uninformed society. Why do they think that our people are so naïve that they will swallow these promises.

If we calculate their promises all this will turn into some cosmic amounts - Japanese budget multiplied by 10 will not be enough to fulfill their promises.

The main political capital of the National Movement, accumulated over these years, is that we will never give empty promises. It's Better to promise less and fulfill more. We should never tell a lie. The key political culture, which I think, the National Movement has established in Georgia... is that we always say the truth or at least we do not tell a lie. Nobody should ever be able to turn a lie into a tool of making politics.

This is very important, if we want all changes carried out by us to be irreversible, if we want Georgia to survive this huge economic storm that had a negative impact on the region, the whole Europe and us.

Despite the attempts carried out by the leadership of the demolition force of Georgia we will hold these elections in an organized way and calmly. We all know that some people will definitely start shouting in advance that the elections were rigged.

Nobody should ever be able to turn a lie into a tool of making politics. We must do everything in order to prevent it. We have done a lot in this direction: Central Election Commission has become transparent, media has become completely available... The day of elections must be transparent as well.

Despite these negative tendencies it is very good that the rhetoric of some political forces has become concentrated on business and is more professional now. I saw it all with my own eyes on the Second Channel. Radicalism is no longer fashionable among serious people. For the first time we observe positive tendencies in regards of healthy political spectrum during last 15-16 years. Partially it is our success as well. The society has become much more refined and gained a lot of information during very limited time.

You all went to different villages around Georgia, I just got back from a village and I want to listen to the information you have brought from the villages, what is the order of our population, what they want, what should be done in order to improve peoples' lives. What is it that we do wrong and where do we need to improve? This is one big lesson before the elections for us.

We are not visiting the villages in order to give them promises, but in order to find out exactly what they want from us, what is their order and task. What is that they do not like and what they consider to be improved? We must work ten times more and do much more.


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