The President of Georgia ordered representatives of the Government to handle the problems caused by severe weather

The President of Georgia met with the Mayor of Tbilisi, Head of the Administration of the President, and the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure. Mikheil Saakashvili requested details of the problems caused by severe weather and ordered them to come up with ways of dealing with such problems.

The Head of State welcomed the initiative of the Mayor of Tbilisi, according to which shelters will be opened in all parts of Tbilisi and nobody will stay in unbearably cold weather without a shelter and a hot dinner. The President of Georgia also spoke about the problem on the roads and stated that it is necessary to buy special technology so that none of the roads are closed due to snow cover.

While talking with the members of the governing team, he also focused attention on the fact that Georgia has not been dependent on Russia since 2005 in terms of gas supply, which is a serious advantage of the country. According to the President, unlike the countries of the European Union, the population of Georgia is receiving natural gas steadily at a low rate.

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