The President of Georgia awarded Lithuanian journalist with Presidential Order of Excellence

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili awarded one of the most popular Lithuanian journalists Edita Mildazhyte with the Presidential Order of Excellence for her personal shares in developing journalism, for active public and charity work and for the outstanding support expressed towards Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili once again expressed his gratitude towards people of Lithuania for their support and friendship. 

"I received this award both a sight of respect and an obligation to continue working for stronger Lithuanian-Georgian relationships. Frankly speaking to promote our project with Georgia to a new high level is one of my secret dreams. What we did last year was just a bilateral thing .The time is ripe for developing the new TV project that will include more European countries. I know that Georgia is an absolutely proud country. I know that Georgian government is the best reformer in the whole world. Thank you for your love and for your friendship", Edita Mildazyte noted.

The author of entertaining and charity programs made an unprecedented TV show - "Georgia-Lithuania - One Heart". Besides of charity intentions TV show was of political importance as well. It was a demonstration of Lithuanian-Georgian firm friendship. Later, in 2010 on May 26-27 Georgian folk-group "Chveneburebi" visited Lithuania by her initiative and financing within the frames of program "Georgia-Lithuania - One Heart". Charity provider journalist specially made an event on the Independence Day of Georgia and transferred money accumulated during the show in IDP children aid fund. Donation reached about 100 thousand USD. 230 IDP children got treatment using this fund and it is possible to assist more.

By the initiative of the President those three children handed the award to famous journalist, who got treatment within the frames of charity event held by Edita Mildazyte.

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