The Presidents of Georgia and Armenia awarded the winners of Georgian-Armenian School Olympiads


The President of Georgia MikheilSaakashvili paid a two-day working visit to the Republic of Armenia. His Armenian counterpart SerzhSargsyan welcomed him at Yerevan Airport. The first place the President visited was center of technologies, where both of the Presidents awarded the winners of Georgian-Armenian School Olympiads.


In their speeches the Presidents of Georgia and Armenia noted that the educational sphere is top priority for both countries. Also very important is that children start making friends from such an early age.


"The most important thing is that we learn friendship, relations and competition in one of the most nobleaffair - how to develop our countries and how to turn them into exemplary models for the other regions and the world. We will conduct the next Olympiad in Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi, where there will be many participants as well. Though we will decide it later. I want to inform you about the proposal that the successful children could continue their education at the Universities of Georgia. It depends how this event would continue, we will issue ten Presidential scholarships at the beginning in order to give a chance to the best children to continue their education at Georgian Universities, at any faculty. We offer them high scholarship and living conditions as well. We will announce a contest in Armenia regarding this event. I think it is the beginning only. We want such exchange in many other spheres, because our countries finally will be lost without one another. We must hold each other's hands and support each other in bad and good times, because we are very important allies, two brotherly and friendly nations. Our fates are chained and are in direct relations. I admire your President; he deserves my special respect. I consider him as my closest friend and brother. He is very special personally for me among them who I know. Our meeting is always very special. I have only positive emotions towards him. I will never forget our last visit to Armenia. The President of Armenia expressed full political support to us during very important period for us. He stood firmly beside us. I will always remember such details personally and it will always remain in the memory of our people", MikheilSaakashvili stated.


The President of Armenia addressed the youngsters as well and stressed his attention on the friendship of two countries. He noted that MikheilSaakashvili is a very resolute and successful person, an exemplary for everyone. 


"Georgian-Armenian relationships do not start and end by us, though our obligations is to strengthen and deepen these relationships more and more. Relationships partially represent competiveness. We are nations, that never had rivalry between each other and we only are grateful because of one another's success. We must compete with each other in doing good things and congratulate one another on our success. The good example of success is MikheilSaakashvili. The President of Georgia was a Professor when he was 27, later he became one of the youngest Presidents. This fact speaks about how resolute this person is, if he aims something he will always reach the final goal. MikheilSaakashvili came to Armenia to share his experience for the business climate as well and inform us on reforms that were carried out in Georgia", SerzhSargsyan noted. 


Georgian schoolchildren showed pretty good results at Technology Olympiad. 60 children participated in it. There were 6 Georgians among 12 winners.


The President of Armenia gave a tour to the Center of Technologies to the President of Georgia after the ceremony was over.


"Our countries and people shared their experience from the oldest times. We have been observing Georgia last one year and have learned a lot in regards of organizing labor, improvement of business climate and adhering to public order. We are bringing this experience in. Showing this enterprise, we are trying to be proud of something in front of your President. Later, he has to share his experience in regards of improving the business climate with us. I am very glad that the President of Georgia is in Yerevan today. This is one more step forward towards the strengthening of our friendship", the President of Armenia noted. 




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