The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakasvhili met the President of United States Barack Obama

The meeting between the Presidents of Georgia and the United States was held in Washington DC. The leaders spoke about the details of cooperation in economic and trade spheres as well as security and discussed the ongoing process of Afghan peacekeeping operation. Barack Obama underlined Georgia's role in peacekeeping mission and thanked brave Georgians that seek to establish peace and stability within the region. Barack Obama reaffirmed his firm political support during the meeting.

During the meeting the Presidents agreed on a next wide format visit. The President of the United States tasked the Security Council to continue cooperation on specific issues raised by the President of Georgia and report results.

On his side the President of Georgia expressed his gratitude to Barack Obama for the support that his country receives from United States. 

The Vice President of United States Joseph Biden attended the meeting between the President of Georgia and United States as well. It was held by the initiative of the White House and was closed for the press.


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