The President of Georgia visited Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church today

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili visited Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church today in Avlabari; the church celebrates Christmas and Epiphany holidays today.

The President addressed the congregation gathered at church after church service. He stressed his attention on Georgian and Armenian relationships and friendship that lasts for centuries.

"I want to congratulate Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church and each of you on Christmas Holiday. I really appreciate the deeds of your Archbishop Vazgen in spiritual support he provides for our fellow citizens as well as his shares in the development of two ancient Christian nations - Georgian and Armenian relationships. It happens very rarely that two nations live side by side and are connected with such firmness, closeness, friendship, brotherhood, support in very difficult situations, in hardest political and historic circumstances. So, the relationships between these countries depend not only on past, but on what we have in present and what we would by all means have in future. At the same time Armenians that live in Georgia are part of the development of our statehood. We mustn't forget those contributions that Armenians put not only in the development of Georgia's economic, cultural and spiritual development, but in saving our country as well. Many of them fought for the independence, unity and freedom of Georgia. They contributed their own blood in Georgia's existence and it is their merit that Georgia develops even today. We are not forgetting it and want each of you to feel that you are indivisible part of our country and like the rest of our citizens - are the valuable owners of this country and creators of its future. The representatives of various ethnicities and religions reside in Georgia and this country belongs to each of them equally. It means that each of them have responsibility and interest in our country to be free, independent, strong and developed. At the same time I want to send greetings to the representatives of Armenian nation that are scattered all around the world, to the Chatholicos Garegin II and the whole Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. I once again wish you all the best for Christmas and success, happiness and blessings to your families", Mikheil Saakashvili noted.

The Archbishop of Armenian Holly Apostolic Orthodox Church Vazgen held a service in Tbilisi Echmiadzini Church. After the service he addressed the President of Georgia and thanked him for his personal greetings on Christmas holiday and for that state policy that Georgian government carries out in regards of ethnic minorities.

"As the Catholocos Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II pointes out Georgian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic Churches co-existed in full harmony and idyll during the centuries. The congregations of our church that are valuable citizens of Georgia bring their shares in the development of country during the century. It is a big honor for us that Mikheil Saakashvili paid a visit to our church on this very important day - David the Builder used to do the same. It expresses your favor and honor. David the Builder used to visit Christian and Muslim chapels. I am glad that this tradition continues". Archbishop Vazgen noted.


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