An extended session of the Government was held at the State Chancellery

An extended session of the Government was held at the State Chancellery. The President of Georgia, the representatives of regions and GigiUgulava attended the session. The President of Georgia stated that new elections would not be held in Georgia for at least two years.

"We are not the pre-election campaign government, we are the government of the development and construction. The nearest elections wouldn't be held for at least two years, if not even more. Lets see how it will be administered by the Constitution", MikheilSaakashvili noted. He said that after the elections Georgia could obtainmore trust of investors. "We have many months and minimum one year for very important reforms and to continue all what was done before", the President of Georgia stated.

MikheilSaakashvili said that price on Georgian treasury billswent rather high after the elections, because the investors have trust to our state back. "All the scenarios on disorder are left behind. These people repeated that so many times that no one believes them anymore. Now our country has a period of stability and development. There will be no calmness, because we need to develop fats", President Saakashvili noted.

The President of Georgia called on the government of Georgia for mobilized working process. "We are fulfilling our promises. The government needs mobilized work. I want to express my hopes that none of you will have any holidays for upcoming two months. The Parliament will have to work as well. We asked them to work before the end of July. I had consultations with the Chairman of Parliament regarding these issues", the President of Georgia noted. He said that the Parliament has to adopt all the necessary laws, among them amendments and supplements in the TAX Code and Act on Economic Liberation on time. "Now it is time for construction", the President of Georgia stated. 

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