European Debates opened in the “European House”

European Debates opened in “European House”. The subject of the debates was “European future and Georgian Euro integration”. Mikheil Saakashvili opened the debates; influential foreign analysts, experts, reporters and Aleksander Kwasniewski participated in the debates as well.

Mikheil Saakashvili stated that Georgia is a country of European values and all Europe and its member states must see this by all means. “Mr. Kwasniewski called what he saw in Georgia European Revolution”, Mikheil Saakashvli stated.

Georgia must not look in the direction of Europe as though it is something unachievable. Europe must see how much Georgia needs integration into Europe.

“I am very glad that my friend Kwasniewski is with us today. He is a historical figure not only for Poland but for the whole Europe. Poland is a very important country for Georgia. We do not aim to get back to the Soviet influence sphere. The real choice of Georgia is to come close to Europe, it is our European future, Europe means democracy for us, I understand it well what European transformation means for Georgia”, Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

After the President of Georgia, the former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski delivered a speech. He stated that since 2001 a lot has changed in Georgia.

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