The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili opened the first modern standards refectory at public school №55 in Tbilisi

The Process of developing public school refectories in modern standards has already started. A newly-open fits modern standards feeding of schoolchildren with healthy food will be provided. The first refectory was accomplished with modern technologies by the company “Gogli-Mogli” at public school #55 in Tbilisi. For the first time in Georgia accounting procedure will be carried out by electronic cards, the parent will put definite amount of money on the card, that will be used only in the school refectory. This practice will help schoolchildren to avoid all unpleasant events connected with money and the use of cash will be forbidden at schools. The introduction of the electronic cards is one of the main priorities of secure school program and the aim of this program is implementation and development of safe and healthy conception.

The President of Georgia together with the Minister of Education and Sciences opened first refectory at public school # 55.

Mikheil Saakashvili bought a hot-dog, a bean-pie, Pepsi and a croissant and paid about two GEL.

As the President noted he used to study at the best University in the United States and he has not seen anything like this before.

He added that this is the result of joint work of the Georgian government. When people make their choice they have to envisage it as well.

“This is the step forward to the better future. Local elections will be held on May 30. If the City Mayor, Minister of Education and the President were fighting with one another, God save us, this wouldn’t have been done. This is the result of the joint work of the Georgian government. This is why, when on May 30, people make their choice they will see the results of their choice at school, at the office and everywhere. Politics is connected with this all and we must be responsible for our choice”, President Saakashvili said.

The refectory at public school # 55 was accomplished and equipped with modern technologies by the company “Gogli-Mogli”. For the first time in Georgia the transactions will be done by electronic cards, that was made by “Taoprivatbank” free for children.

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