President of Georgia finished his visit in Yerevan

President of Georgia's two-day-visit in Armenia finished. Mikheil Saakashvili held tte--tte meeting with his Armenian colleague. At the meeting they spoke about opening of Larsi customs and about the prices of load. Mikheil Saakashvili said that Georgian side is ready to open Upper Larsi controlling-customs post if he sees the sufficient will from Russia. Later an expanded meeting was held regarding this issue. Serj Sarkisian awarded Mikheil Saakashvili with Medal of Honor.

President of Georgia met Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sarkisian as well. Besides global security problems specific economic projects were discussed. It is already decided to finish Ksani-Razdani 400 kv electricity transmitting line by means of which the export of electricity would be realized not only to Armenia but in the direction of Iran as well. They also determined to restore the plans of road construction from Armenia to Batumi.

There already exist specific projects in the spheres of culture, education and sports. President of Georgia delivered a 25-minute speech at the State University where he was invited by the Rector and academic board. "Georgian side is ready to start negotiations on opening of Larsi control post", he stated.

President of Georgia spoke about Georgian-Armenian relations. He underlined the fact of the loss in the Georgian and Armenian economies in the period of Russian aggression.

Mikheil Saakashvili said that Russian military machine bombed those roads and bridges that had no connection with the war.

"President Robert Kocharian called me and said that Russia was closing Larsi for Georgians only and they were promised they would pass Armenians through. Than we stopped the trailers for half an hour in order not to stand on the way of Armenian loads. Two days later Kocharian called me again and told me that they didn't open Larsi yet. This was a pure provocation. When Russia acted against Georgia it acted against Armenia as well", stated President of Georgia.

Presidenf of Georgia was awarded the title of Armenian University Academy.

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