President of Georgia arranged a meeting between wine-makers from California, US, and Kakheti Region at a newly opened Teaching Center of Wine-Making in Kvareli

President of Georgia hosted wine-makers from California at the newly opened Teaching Center of Wine-Making in Kvareli and met with local wine-makers together with the guests. Mikheil Saakashvili said that Ronald and Lisa Semlers had great experience in producing wine, which should be adopted in wine-making in Georgia. According to the president, Georgia is passing through a very difficult period, but this is the issue, on which working should be continued.

The guests visited president's vineyard and tasted Georgian wine made according to European and local technologies.

Ronald Semler thanked Georgian president for invitation. He talked with local wine-makers not only about his technologies of wine making, but shared his business-experience too. He said Georgia was one of the ancient wine-maker countries, which was the reason to be proud of.

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