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The President of Georgia met with an American Senator, Marco Rubio


The President of Georgia is currently in the United States on a working visit. The Head of State met with an American Senator, Marco Rubio in Washington D.C. today. Ongoing political events in the country and deeper cooperation within the scope of strategic partnership were main topics of discussion during the meeting. The sides focused attention on the importance of integration in  NATO and strengthening democratic institutions. It was once again noted during the meeting that Georgia will definitely become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

As Marco Rubio noted, Georgia has achieved important progress, and according to him the chosen course must continue in conditions of the new government. He once again expressed support of Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and emphasized the role of the United States in the region as well as in Georgia.

The American Senator also touched on the importance of Georgian soldiers participating in the ISAF Mission and stated that the United States appreciates Georgia’s backing and contribution in this matter.

Mikheil Saakashvili is scheduled to have bilateral meetings with other US Senators and Congressmen in Washington D.C. and New York.


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