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The President of Georgia met with met with the UK State Minister for Europe, David Lidington

The President of Georgia met with met with the UK State Minister for Europe, David Lidington. Elections held in the country, peaceful transfer of power and current political events were the main topics of discussion during the meeting. Mikheil Saakashvili once again noted that integration in the European and North Atlantic space remains a top priority for Georgia. He added that he is ready to work more closely with the Government in this direction. During the meeting the President once again expressed appreciation for Britain’s active support in the process of NATO integration.

“The United Kingdom and especially Prime Minister Cameron stood by our side when we needed it the most in 2008. He always expressed interest in Georgian events. Your support in terms of NATO integration and non recognition policy is very important to us. We are a small country and it is impossible to protect international law without the help of our friends. Many countries have changed their position because of Great Britain’s strong position on this issue and we greatly appreciate this. Keeping our territory and legal status is very important to our region and our long term development. We look forward to working with you and of course we respect you very much. I would like to note, that we stand side by side in Afghanistan. We have gained a lot of experience in this sense along with your soldiers…I wish you success” – noted the President of Georgia.

In his turn, David Lidington positively assessed the parliamentary elections in Georgia and transfer of power. He expressed hope that these democratic processes will be welcomed at the NATO ministerial in December. At the end of the meeting, David Lidington once again noted the United Kingdom’s full support of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

During the meeting he also focused attention on Georgia as an important partner of NATO, and emphasized Georgia’s contribution in terms of common security by participating in the ISAF mission.

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