The President of Georgia gave an interview to Ukrainian journalists


The President of Georgia gave an exclusive interview to the journalists of "Segodnya Multimedia" and channel "Ukraine" in Tbilisi. Our conversation, that lasted for one hour and a half, took place right before the 10th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks and we couldn't avoid asking the President how the world has changed since then. Because since 9/11 America, which supported the "Colored Revolutions" had no choice but to treat Russia as its ally from the Anti-Terrorist Coalition - while weakening the ally and playing with it at the same time.

Mikheil Saakashvili told us what this occurrence meant to him personally and as a politician.

"I was the Minister of Justice back then and I watched everything on TV in my office. I have personal memories regarding New York; I got married at City Hall which does not exist anymore. The place where my wife and I authorized our marriage was burned along with the World Trade Center. I had been to the World Trade Center many times and of course everything I saw on TV 10 years ago was shocking to me" - stated the President of Georgia.

Saakashvili also stressed that since 9/11, from a political point of view the world has changed but not in a good way. The international political focus has shifted and the United States started acting differently from the model based on which it dissolved the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War.

Everything is interconnected in the world, says the President: "The changes at the New York Stock Exchange instantly influences the Ukraine, Singapore and the Russian economy" At the same time, according to him, sometimes some countries slip out of the world context.

"After the Helsinki Agreement, - as a result of which the world community of the 20th century agreed about inviolability of borders, after all the international attacks, - we were sure that the borders of a small country were as protected as those of larger ones. (I studied International Law in Kiev) No one could imagine that in the 21st century a large country would invade a small country and try to rearrange its borders by force" - stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

"I thought that all of this was left in the past. Unfortunately, I appear to have been wrong and similar attempts will continue in the future. However, I am optimistic because for that country it means disappearing from the world context.  These kinds of things should stop or the world will fall into the abyss" - added the President of Georgia on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Very soon the full version of this interview will be published in the newspaper "Segodnya" and we will prepare the video version for the readers of and Also please pay attention to the news on channel "Ukraine"

Authors: Aliona Gromnitskaia, Dmitry Belianski, Ina Pavlova, Anastasia Iskritskaia, Iuri Melnichuk. Specially for from Tbilisi. 

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