Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia held a briefing

The Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia held a press conference today and made a statement related to the versions circling about the published videos containing threats. According to him, he decided to comment on the fact after the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Government Chancellery published a statement on a social network. Koka Kandiashvili made a statement on his “Facebook” page, based on the internet and printed media, claiming that a member of the President’s staff published the above mentioned video. Kandiashvili also expressed hope that the investigation will find the publisher.

“This person has not appeared for a long time and I would like to remind the public who Kandiashvili is. This is a cadre from the time of Shevardnadze and for some reason the Prime Minister chose him as his main PR person. Today he is an official person. He is the main PR conductor of the Government and his post is called Head of the PR Department of the Government Chancellery. First of all, I would like to state with full responsibility that nobody has been called for an interrogation from the Administration of the President of Georgia. Accordingly, when such a statement is published and official persons repeat it without any prior official actions administered means that the messages that the Government and the Prime Minister are sending to the public are nothing more than lying to the public. This is what official persons are doing today. Official persons’ statements must be preceded by official actions” – stated Andro Barnovi.

The Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia thinks that the public must conclude itself who is benefiting from publishing such information though official persons. According to him, finding the origin of the videos is not of any difficulty. Moreover, it is easier if they are created in Georgia and uploaded from Georgia (signs of which are clearly existent.) He also noted that, despite the demand of the President, the investigation of this matter is being prolonged.

“The only thing we are demanding is that the investigation is administered in a timely fashion and the following questions are answered immediately: Who created these video clips? Whose interests was the creation of these clips serving; where they were uploaded from as well as who ordered and who executed the order of their creation. I think the Head of the Public Relations Department at the Government Chancellery should not be promoting information published in the yellow press with no basis for credibility. We also need an answer on why this is happening” – noted Andro Barnovi.

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