The President of Georgia Calls the Election for October 1

Manana Manjgaladze, Press Speaker of the President of Georgia has told the press today the President has decided to call the parliamentary elections for October 1.

“The President of Georgia stressed several times commitment of the government to hold free and fair parliamentary elections scheduled this fall and that the election campaign would be open and transparent. Today we once again want to express our belief that this campaign and elections will be exemplary. I would like to once again remind you of the steps that have been taken in this direction.

First of all, I remind you that already in April the President of Georgia initiated inviting long term election observation missions. Upon this initiative the Government of Georgia began actively consulting with the EU, OSCE, relevant bodies of the Council of Europe and other authoritative international organizations.

The next important step is related to verifying the voters’ list.

We think that the work of the relevant commission has yielded a concrete result.

Additionally, I want to remind you that yesterday number of international observers expressed satisfaction with regards to the work that has been carried out,” stated the President’s Press Speaker.

According to Manana Manjgaladze, the Inter Agency Task Force under the National Security Council, which reviews every dispute in a prompt manner, is working actively. She also added that the decision of the Parliament of Georgia based on which every cable broadcaster takes obligation to carry TV channels to relevant networks during the election campaign is important.

The Press Speaker also focused on the importance of a document, prepared with active involvement of the nongovernmental sector and is related to commitment of political parties of norms of behavior during campaigning.

“Today, we retain hope that every political force will join and sign this document; the document which was created as a result of joint efforts and a wide consensus of political parties and the nongovernmental sector. In the same spirit, we would like to inform you that the elections have been scheduled and they will be held on October 1, 2012. At the same time, elections of the Supreme Council of the Adjara Autonomous Republic have been scheduled for October 1 by a decree of the President of Georgia. The President is convinced that the October elections will be one more proof of maturity and viability of the Georgian democracy and very important steps will be made on the road to further strengthening of our statehood. Additionally, the President calls on all citizens of Georgia to participate actively in this important process for our country’s development,” noted Manana Manjgaladze. 

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