Traditional briefing of the Spokesperson for the President of Georgia

The Spokesperson for the President of Georgia summed up important events that took place during the last week. Manana Manjgaladze stressed her attention on the meeting held between the President of Georgia and the Governors in village Martvili last week. As she noted the discussion concerned ongoing and realized projects in different regions. Among them is a large scale project like Baku-Tbilisi-Karsi railway, village support program, constructions of highways and bridges. Above-mentioned projects will be realized during one year and the total cost of these projects will be two billion GEL.

"It is natural that the most important thing is employment of thousands of our citizens in this project. Only on the construction of Baku-Tbilisi-Karsi about thousand persons are employed at this stage and in the nearest future this indicator will raise and most probably it will reach four thousand", Manana Manjgaladze noted.

Despite this the Spokesperson noted that the major worry for the Government still remains employment of the population: "Employment is the major challenge of the Government", she added.

As Manana Manjgaladze noted tourism season had already opened and due to the last indicators Georgia is hosting 44% more tourists this year compare to the last year data. It has to be noted that new tourism centers appeared on Georgia's map.

The Spokesperson stressed her attention on the development of aviation sphere and on those companies that recently came to Georgia. More specifically, the first direct flight between Georgia and China was held last week. Also additional flights had been appointed - Tbilisi-Astana and Batumi-Ankara.

"This is a good economic steps, it has pretty big meaning in regards of tourism development, because new flights mean new tourist flow", Manana Manjgaladze noted.

The Spokesperson touched the issues of attestation exams. She said that the majority of students received attestation, accordingly, they obtained right on further education. The President of Georgia hosted 100 best students from various regions at the President's Palace and presented them personal computers. Besides this she spoke about one more visit of American Congressmen in Georgia and noted that they had discussed political, economic and regional security issues during the meeting with the President. Manana Manjgaladze stressed her attention on the resolutions of European Parliament and stated: "The necessity of fulfillment of 2008 agreement is underlined in the resolution - Russia must envisage all points that it had signed and fulfill all the obligations taken under the cease fire agreement. Also illegal issuance of passports must stop on the occupied territories".

And finally she discussed the visit of Chatolichos Patriarch of all Armenians Garegin II. During his visit in Georgia he met with the Chatolicos Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II and the President of Georgia.

"It could be said that it was a historic visit and continuation of that historic relations that was firming between the nations during the centuries".

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